Tenzin Tserang

Tenzin Tserang

Wim hof method retreat

Breath, cold exposure, mindfulness and nature immersion

Immerse yourself in the invigorating practice of cold exposure, challenging your comfort zone and awakening your inner strength. Step into the ice bath and witness the incredible resilience that lies within you, as you embrace the cold and cultivate mental and physical toughness.

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The three pillars

The wim hof method

The Wim Hof method plays a central role in this journey.
We will take multiple ice baths, and meditate under an ice cold waterfall


A powerful mindset is an important attribute of a successful person. To achieve your goals, a strong mindset is crucial. During the activities, you will be challenged to strengthen your mind. This journey will offer an opportunity to identify areas for personal growth. Through this unique experience, you will approach life with new powerful energy.

The cold

The challenge of cold exposure during the ice baths and waterfall meditation lies in finding peace in the uncomfortable. The first phase is the mental preparation and commitment you make. In the second phase, you enter the cold water, and your body experiences a shock, which is regulated through deep breathing and focus. After 30 seconds to a minute, the shock gives way to calmness and relaxation. Many people experience euphoria due to the release of happiness hormones. The last phase is heating the body mindfully through guided, gentle movements.


During a breathwork session, you bring your body into a parasympathetic state, the state in which the task-oriented part of the brain takes a backseat, allowing the emotional part to have more space. The connection with your body and breath deepens, your focus strengthens, and your mind quiets.. This opens up the possibility of gaining new insights and experiencing deep tranquility.


Ellen and Tenzin are leading a Wimhof Method retreat with nature meditation. They have extensive experience in mindfulness, yoga, and meditation, offering a unique perspective on mind-body-nature connection. Tenzin is a certified Wimhof Method instructor who teaches breathwork and cold therapy for cultivating presence, awareness, and resilience in individuals and groups. Ellen brings his mindfulness and meditation background to guide participants in gentle yoga and meditation practices amidst serene natural landscapes. Together, they create a safe and supportive environment for participants to deepen their practice, gain new insights, and feel refreshed and empowered.


Ellen van Iersel, born in 1976, has centered her life around Buddhism and meditation. After participating in multiple retreats and courses, Ellen earned a certification as a mindfulness trainer in 2014. She now leads meditation retreats, silent walks and spiritual journeys while running Kausay Community in Spain. Additionally, Ellen offers Ayurvedic massages which provide clients with relaxation and peace of mind.

Tenzin Tserang

I was born in 2000. At a young age, I became interested in the question “How do you develop a healthy mind in a healthy body and how can I support and inspire people in this regard?” Sports, nutrition, and meditation turned out to be important elements for me, and I have delved into all of them and continue to develop myself with enthusiasm and curiosity. I am now a certified Wim Hof trainer and have completed the mindfulness teacher training at the Center for Mindfulness. I am also a certified nutrition advisor and have completed the Personal Trainers academy at Milo. With Live Mindfully and my personal brand, I offer my expertise and inspiration in many different forms to guide others in becoming the best version of themselves.

why come?

personal growth

a transformative experience that challenges and pushes you to grow, both mentally and physically, unlocking your full potential and fostering personal development.


The retreat fosters a sense of community and connection, offering opportunities to build meaningful relationships, share experiences, and create lasting connections with like-minded individuals.


Our Wim Hof retreat offers a holistic approach to health with cold exposure, breathing techniques, and mindfulness. This optimizes your well-being, immune system, and vitality. A worthy challenge for amazing health benefits.


Winter in Spain offers mild weather, perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and campfires. However, the water from the underground rivers is cold!


The retreat will take place on the land of Kausay, tucked away in a green valley an hour south of Valencia. There is no trafic, no street lights, no internet signal… it’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it’s nature!

Kausay is a small comunity of friends. Together we live in harmony with nature and would love to share with you this amazing and empowering experience.

You will sleep in a comfortable bed in a cosy traditional Mongolian yurt which you will share with others. It’s also possible to bring your own sleeping space. 

practical information

Date 15-17 Oktober

The retreat starts at 2 pm on the first day. We will have lunch together and get to know each other, there will be some explanation about the retreat and there is time to land. 

The cost for your participation in this retreat is
€400,- for the 3-day retreat, including free pick up for nearest station, full program, healthy delicious meals, accommodation in a traditional Mongolian yurt.

How to get here
We arrange a  free pickup at Xativa train station on the first day at 13.00 o’clock.
If you are traveling from abroad, you will want to fly into Valencia or Alicante. From there you travel by public transport Xativa city, which will take around 2 hours from Valencia and 3 from Alicante. After registration you will receive clear directions. . If you are driving, please let us know and directions will be provided. We can arrange an airport pick up for you for additional costs.

More information
After registration you will receive a confirmation and more practical information about what to bring and how to travel to the pick up location

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Tenzin Tserang